Do you have a policy? Well, you should!

Having a good policy in place avoids phone calls and sending to the wrong address or person.

Example Policy:

Make changes as needed for your company.

  1. Requests for a duplicate W-2 required to be submitted in writing.
  2. Create a “Duplicate W-2 Request Form”
    • date the request is made;
    • date requested was mailed;
    • change of address (this is good to have in the event the W-2 is returned and an employee)

Online Option: Have the duplicate W-2 available online via a secure website and give employee instructions to access it.

Processing Duplicate W-2: The upper right- hand corner of all W-2 copies should include “REISSUED STATEMENT”. 

Handling Returned W-2: Keep returned W-2s in the original envelope in the event the employee contacts you. Place the returned envelope into another envelope and send to corrected address. If an employee doesn’t contact you, keep the returned W-2 for at least 4 years. As to have proof over returned mail. 

Second Option: You meet the regulations by storing electronic copies B and C and shread the original. 

Helpful Hint: Scan copies B and C, also scan the envelope the W-2 was mailed in. The postmark and address are your proof that you mailed it and when. Verify your electronic storage is secure.