Bobbie Witt here with Bookkeeping Confidential. I want to share one of my favorite things about QuickBooks with you today. We’re going to talk about classes

You’re going to go to advance to make sure your classes is turned on, and you can also make sure that if you want to make sure every transaction is assigned to class, you can check that box.

I use this because I put them in an organization where we have events and I want to know what the March event brought in. I want to know the income for the event. And, I want to know the expenses for the event.

Follow along with video below

So, we’ll go to the plus sign. We’re going to enter a bank deposit for the event. Then down here we’re going to receive from, let’s say, okay, Cool Cars. Landscaping services. It works. Good, but I want to show you the classes. Add new, March event. Save. Amount a hundred dollars. They’ve been closed. So, that’s going to automatically.

Now let’s go do an expense. Same thing, Cool Cars again, and let’s say landscaping. Plants and soils, that works. Again, March event. There it is, now $50. Save and close. Now let me show you how we can get a report on this. We’ll go to reports, profit, and loss by class right there. Click that out of the way, March event. Do you see that? Do you see how cool that is?

All right, everybody. Have a great day. Until next time.