Hi everyone, Bobbie with Bookkeeping Confidential here again today. We’re going to keep talking about Expenses. And, something I wanted to show you is Recurring Transactions.

We all have them coming out of our bank accounts. It could be our favorite app – that’s what I’m actually going to talk about – or our utility bill, anything. But they’re always automatically coming out. And you can have it automatically coming out of your QuickBooks without having to manually enter it.

Go over to…I’ll start here. It’s in your gear wheel, not in your plus sign; Recurring Transactions.

Go to New.

Then, put it as an Expense. I’m going to call it Favorite App.

We’re going to schedule it.

And, we’re going to put it 3 days before it actually comes out of the bank account – as a reminder.

Select Computer by Jenni.

Monthly, on the fifth.

Start date, September 5th.

Payment method, ACH/Debit.

Select Office Supplies and put a description here.

And, let’s put in an amount, 29.99.

Save Template.

Follow along with video below

Now, what that’s going to do is every month it’s going to come out of your QuickBooks account, just like it does out of your check book.

Thank you, have a good day!