Bobbie here, again today to share another QuickBooks tip. I’m going to talk about the bank feeding into your QuickBooks.

You can see here; we have 23 to review for our checking. I’m going to pull those up. Now, I’m going to show you something snazzy.

Follow along with video below

Over here, you can Match, Add, or View. But, you can click on it and you can add it. You can find a match. QuickBooks will try and look for a match. It’ll give you some choices here. In fact, none of these is the correct one and you will choose it. However, it is not. You can transfer, but this is from the bank to the credit. We’re just going to add it. Type that and add

So, you don’t necessarily have to do what this is telling you to do. You have choices when you click on it; to add, match or transfer. And, sometimes it does help to take a second and think about what QuickBooks is doing with the transaction versus you would wanna do with the transaction.

Thank you. Have a great day.

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