I’m Bobbie with Bookkeeping Confidential, here with you today. We are a full-service bookkeeping firm here to help you bring profit to your business and eliminate the time and burden of bookkeeping from you. We’re going to talk about setting up inventory in QuickBooks today.

Follow along with video below

You’re going to go over to Sales, then down to products and services. Click on new. This is a good time of year to start working on this (December). Inventory, scrubbers – we’re adding. Select fountains. We have 5 on-hand right now. I’ll jump back. You can even add a picture of it and then it’ll load. As of today. Do you see my picture? When you go down put 3 in stock that you’re going to want to reorder. In sales information, add “scrubbers clean the bowls in fountains. And, you’ll sell them for $50 each. It goes into your product income and that you purchased them for $25 each. And your preferred vendor, I’ll select EDD. Save and close.

There you go. You now have scrubbers as an inventory item. It costs $25, you have 5 on-hand and you’re going to reorder 3.

Thank you, have a great day!

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