I’m Bobbie with Bookkeeping Confidential, here with you today. We are a virtual bookkeeping firm here to help you bring profit to your business and eliminate the time and burden of bookkeeping from you. Today, we’re going to talk about Accounts Receivable.

Follow along with video below

Run Report

Year end’s fast approaching and we want to get these receivables collected. Go over here, to the left-hand side. Click on report, who owes you, accounts receivable, accounts receivable aging details, and accounts receivable aging summary. I like using these because they tell me the days that they are actually behind. And, you can customize it – minimum days past due– however long you want to run this report. I’m just going to run it as of today.

Check Your Invoices

You’ve got someone here that’s 61-90 days past due; Red Rock Diner owes $156.  61-90 days past due, we really have to get working on these numbers. You can click on your customer. You can see the invoice and what it’s for. And, you can tell. See it here, garden rocks. I’m sure if you paid for those in advance, you’d be able to put those out for him. So, you really want to get this money collected. So, that was what the invoice is about.

Get Your Money Collected

Now, you want to contact him. Go over here to your contact list. And this is where you’re going to find everything you need to know about your customer – phone number, emails, etc. A good way to get in touch with them to get that money collected. Another report that gives you a good overview of what’s happening is, the business snapshot.

Here it goes; my income. And, it’s broken down in a pie graph form. There’s my expenses, year to date – you can change it to last quarter and compare it to the previous years. You can count expenses, and then who owes me again, and who you owe (because I’m sure they’re going to be calling you to collect that money.

If we can help you out in any way shape, or form, let us know. Thank you.