Hi everyone, Bobbie with Bookkeeping Confidential here with you again today. I wanted to share some more exciting stuff that I like about QuickBooks. Let’s talk about some reports. We’re gonna talk about the Statement of Cash Flow.

Statement of Cash Flow

Go down here to your left side. Click on Reports. Scroll down a little, click the Statement of Cash Flows. Then, choose any time frame that you want to look at. We’re going to look at This Year-to-date, Click on Run Report. Then it shows you your actual cash at the end of the period. It takes your net income amount, which comes from your Profit and Loss Statement. You know how when you’re working with your bookkeeper and you say, “Okay, but, where’s the money?” right here where it says net income? Where is it?”

So, I’m going to show you.

Follow along with video below

There’s your net income number. Its actual statement picks up right there. And then, these other numbers are from the balance sheet, which is right here, same time period. It picks up your accounts receivable. That’s part of your cash and deposited funds, liabilities, loans that you need to pay. It picks it all up and puts it here to give you this Cash at End of Period. And, that shows you your actual cash.

Thank you and have a great day.