Today, we’re going to talk about the sales portion of the dashboard – QuickBooks Sales Dashboard.

As you know, this is the company – that’s the whole dashboard. Then, you’re going to go over here to the left hand side for your sales. We’re going to go through all of these menus.


Let’s go over here to All Sales. I do apologize for the video. I’m using sample data. It does take a little longer to load. This is all the transactions, there’s another bar up here that shows you your numbers. We have 0 Estimates out, $750 in unbilled and so forth – very good information. This is everything. You can see your payments on this. These are closed. It’s a good place to look to figure out where you’re at.


This is the same with your Invoices. These are actual invoices that have been sent or not. These, as you can see, have not been sent, but they’re overdue. So, we need to get on that. These are due in 2 days but not sent (I wonder why). These are deposited.

Follow along with video below


Now, let’s go to your Customers. You can see here that this; Amy’s Bird Sanctuary has an open balance, as does Freeman Sporting Goods. And again, there’s a bar across the top to help you with your budgeting purposes, products, and services, etc. This much like your chart of accounts; you can customize it to your needs. When you want your money to come in or where you want your money to go, you can do an exact price so that when the invoice goes you have that pre-filled in.

You can go up here to New and customize it as you wish. Put in a name: Eg, Garden Tools. You can add a SKU, a category (Eg, Landscaping – I think garden tools would go there), sales price, the income account you want it to go into ( more than likely Services), Save and Close.

There you go. You have set up your Services Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks.

You can go back to invoices again and find out what’s going on with these funds. Well, that’s some good money there.

Alright, have a great day. Thank you.