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BOOKKEEPING CONFIDENTIAL provides secure, virtual, full-service bookkeeping for professional services businesses such as Law practices, Real Estate Agencies, Business Coaches, Consultants, Creatives, Course Creators., Builders, Contractors, and Subcontractors. We’re here to help your small business.


Our mission is to help you track your financials, so you can feel confident about the accuracy and reliability of your records, make the best decisions for your business, and maximize your profits.


Let us take over your bookkeeping tasks, so you feel organized, in control, and free to focus on your highest priorities: taking care of your clients and customers and increasing your profitability.

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The Role of Bookkeeping in Business Growth and Decision-Making

The Role of Bookkeeping in Business Growth and Decision-Making

If you're reading this, you may be a fellow entrepreneur, small business owner, or startup! As a seasoned certified professional bookkeeper with a legacy dating back to 2007, I've had the privilege of witnessing numerous success stories unfold through the lens of...

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