Hiring a bookkeeper is very essential when running a business. A bookkeeper keeps a record of the financial affairs of a business. Outsourcing a virtual bookkeeping firm is cost-efficient, energy-saving, and convenient, especially in the current global climate.

How secure will my information be?

The information that you will need to share with your bookkeeper is very sensitive. Always ensure that all of your business transactions and financial data will be secure and confidential. This means your business’ financial data will not be shared with any third party without your consent. It is also good to find out if the tools and devices used are protected from hackers. We, at Bookkeeping Confidential, ensure that your private information is safe with bank-grade security.

How will you get my transactions?

Before getting started with a virtual bookkeeping firm, you’ll need to know how your transactions will be shared with them. It’s best to agree on these terms over a set period of time prior to starting a business relationship. At Bookkeeping Confidential, we can only get access to what you give us access to. You may provide us with the relevant information in one of three ways:

Grant us “view only” access to your bank account
Send us your monthly statements via email
Utilize our document sharing software (no cost to you)

Do you have a team?

It is very important to know whether your outsourced bookkeeping firm is a one-person show or there is a team of people working together. This way, you will be able to gauge whether this firm is the right fit for your company. If it’s a team, you may need to consider whether you’ll need all team members to sign non-disclosure agreements. You should also ensure that you understand how their workflow will affect your company. Will they be able to efficiently meet your needs?

We are a very small team of bookkeeping professionals who focus on maximizing your profitability. Schedule a free non-obligatory consultation with us to see if we’ll be a good fit.

Who will have access?

This might be a very cliché question, but it’s very necessary. Since your information is very sensitive, you will need to know who will have access to it. There needs to be a clear and open line of communication regarding which team members will be able to see certain types of information. Again, you will need to decide how best to move forward with ensuring that your confidentiality will not be breached by anyone working within the bookkeeping firm.

How often do you see my numbers?

You want to know that your bookkeeping firm will be paying close attention to your numbers. This ensures accurate and timely reporting. It’s great to be able to view your numbers in real-time so that you can also track your business performance. We ensure that we pay keen attention to our clients’ numbers, and also allow them to have real-time access to them as well. Since we process our transactions on a weekly or monthly, basis at Bookkeeping Confidential, you always have an accurate snapshot of your business finances.

How often do we meet?

Even if your outsourced bookkeeping firm is virtual, you will need to make time to meet with them to get feedback and updates as often as you need. Set your meeting times with your virtual bookkeeping firm on a monthly, weekly or even quarterly, depending on your business needs and schedule. Bookkeeping Confidential is here to make your life easier. If you have any questions about your data, we’re just a call, text, or e-mail away. And we reply quickly.

When do I receive reports?

Reports are essential for tracking key performance indicators and keeping up-to-date. Come to an agreement about how often you will receive all your reports prior to starting with your virtual bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping Confidential offers routine reporting according to your needs. We can review your financial reports with you in detail via video call as often as is necessary. We will discuss your current status and ways to improve your bottom line. Monthly reports will give you an easy-to-read summary of your business’ key financial information. We also provide year-end support. Our precise and easy-to-read reports will make tax-time easy, and we’ll work directly with your tax accountant to ensure a smooth filing.

\Virtual bookkeeping is easily one of the most convenient ways to get your books. You can pay an affordable fee for quick, easy, precise and accurate bookkeeping services as well as other accounting services. At least,