Today, I want to talk about the Sales Dashboard portion of QuickBooks as much as I can.

On the dashboard you go to the left side to Sales. This also creates a sales dashboard for you. It’s going to show you what you’ve got; if you have any:- estimates out, unbilled activity (meaning that you need to get caught up on your invoices so you can get this money collected),Overdue invoices – and their due dates are right here,

Open invoices, and then  Invoices paid.

Then, go over here to Invoices. That’s another area for information. It shows you Overdue, Not Yet Due, Not Deposited, and Deposited. So, this information here is valuable to  you. 

And you have your Customers; their names, phone numbers, if they have an open balance.

Follow along with video below

And then, the Products and Services. This is where you’re going to set up how your invoices are going to go out and what they’re going to be billed for. This particular landscape company likes to have a lot of detail. So, they’re going to bill for design at $75 an hour probably, fountains, materials, lighting, etc. So, you can set it up however you want.

You’re going to go over here to New, and this is where you’re going to select how you’re going to set up your invoices. So, you can put Sample. You have the SKU. Then, you can choose your category, where when they pay it that’s where the moneys going to go. Then, you just Save and Close.

If you have any questions just give us a call. Thank you.