Hi everyone, Bobbie Witt with Bookkeeping Confidential again. Here to give you some more QuickBooks tips today. Let’s go over the Expenses.

We’re going to go over here to click on Expenses, and it’ll load. It’ll show you the last 365 days; this is what it defaults to.

You can always filter that in any way like looking at last month’s expenses. Apply that and it’ll just show you. Then you can go up here to Vendors and you can go ahead and look at Books by Bessie. Click on that and it’ll show you all the categories and dates for Books by Bessie.

Follow along with video below


And, another good thing is, if you wanted to change the category you could – all on this screen right here instead of going to different ones.

So, back over here to Expenses, up there, and then maybe to Overdue Expense.

There you go. There are lots of options under Expenses to help you control how you’re spending your money.

Have a great day. Until next week!