Being the target of scams that affect filing. Emails are typically used in scams.

Scam 1: Criminals use emails to send wire transfers or payroll deposit from the IRS to their accounts. In the email posing as a senior employee or as company owner payroll, HR, or an outside accountant or payroll person. The criminal gives a change in the bank account number for direct deposits, payroll or payroll taxes; using the criminal’s bank account.

Scam 2:An email that appears to be from your company, payroll or external accounting firm, or a senior employee, requesting a list of employees and their tax ID numbers and contact information. This enables the criminals to file false tax returns requesting refunds, among other scams. Tip-off: You will notice most of these emails contain spelling and grammatical.

AIPB Tip:The IRS recommends having a minimum of two employees involved in such procedures. Providing someone in your firm with access to verify requests for confidential information, such as: requests to account changes, sensitive information, or take other actions related to payroll or payroll information.