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There are many credit card processing options available but, do they deliver? Today, we’re talking about how you can Set Your Clients Up to Make Money.



Square accepts major credit cards at the same rate with no monthly fees. You can view deposits, within one to two business days. PCI compliant and payment dispute assistance are also factors for choosing it. Creating a new account like a flash and headaches that often arise in figuring out sales, billing and payment procedures.


Dream Payments

Dream Payments seems to be a straightforward option for everybody. Users can process transactions wherever they are at any time through their mobile devices. Dream Payments integrates with QuickBooks Online (QBO), which means information updates immediately – record taxes, sales, fees, and tips, without effort on your part. Also, the QBO integration opens up the door for managing inventory in real-time, reporting options, analytics and processing payroll, and more.


QuickBooks Payments

With QuickBooks Payments, users can expect to receive payment quickly using a ‘Pay Now’ button that’s placed directly on invoices, which allows customers to pay online. It also allows you to see when customers view the invoice and when they pay it. Almost putting your business into autopilot.
Besides, QuickBooks Payments mobile application offers timely and office-free payment management. Take care of your accounting processes whenever you need to from wherever you happen to be.



With Wave, Have your customer pay instantly online with all major credit cards for prompt payment and ease of use. Customize those recurring customers’ invoices and automatically charge their cards monthly freeing up valuable time. Safe and secure with the highest levels of security, enjoy unlimited invoicing, accounting and expense tracking. Customers can also pay directly from their bank account (EFT) which is included as well. Great value for any small business.



BluePay offers a plethora of options such as simple sign up and fraud protection tools, flexible APIs and award-winning support. Clients can feel secure with their advanced payment security and, spend less time and money with their electronic filing and invoicing software. BluePay offers a wide array of services for literally any size business.


Set Your Business Up for Success
Businesses that embrace these automated processing products enjoy the speed with which they receive payment. The value you receive is worth the fee you pay.


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