Hi everyone, Bobbie Witt with Bookkeeping Confidential here with you today. We are a full-service bookkeeping firm here to help you bring profit to your business and eliminate the time and burden of bookkeeping from you. Today, I’m going to talk about a Sub Account in QuickBooks.

Follow along with video below

If you have a credit card and your employee has a credit card and you want to keep track of the two different activities, just go to your chart of accounts. There’s already a credit card set up in our sample data. Right here. I’m going to use the Visa. So, I’m going to set up a sub-account for this Visa. Go to New. Select Credit Card. There’s debit and there’s credit. You’re going to use credit card. Then, you’ll need to put in the person’s name or just employee credit card. And, then this is the fun part. You can sub-account it. You’re going to find that Visa and then you’re going to save and close.

Creating your sub-account in QuickBooks

Now, you can see here that there’s the main Visa card in your Chart of Accounts and then there’s an employee credit card. So, you can go to register. And if you automatically have the bank feed. The bank is still going to feed from the main card and then when you process the transactions, you’re going to point those transactions to this card. So, we’re going to add a credit card expense. Let’s put, “Bob’s Burger joint,” meals and for charge let’s do $22.50, and hit save. Alright. There. Now, you can see. Go back to Chart of Accounts. Go to Visa. There you go. So, it still went t the main card because that’s the card it’s on, but you can also see that’s the employee portion of it.

Alright, if you have any questions about that, feel free to contact us. Thank you.