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Upselling is expanding value by getting customers to move to a high-end product, usually a version of one that they already use.  When you upsell to a customer, you’re asking them to consider a higher-priced upgrade during a sales transaction. Successful upselling can create great opportunities for your business.

In order for successful upselling Think of an upsell as a recommendation: you’re endorsing the best version of a product or service your customer is already planning to buy.

It’s usually much easier to upsell a customer than to cross-sell. Paying more for the premier option is a smaller stretch for a customer than deciding to buy something extra that wasn’t initially part of the plan.

Upselling often happens naturally in sales when the focus is on the product that would best meet your customer’s needs rather than starting with price. Explain the differences between two or three options, providing all the info your customers need to make the best choice to meet their needs.

Whenever you’re telling your customers about a product’s features, this is when you can suggest the benefits of the premier option. In doing this, even if they decide not to buy at the highest price point right now, they might keep it in mind for next time.

Successfully upselling a service or a product package depends on how you sell your target audience and the nature of your products/services. When a customer gets a taste of whatever you are offering with a premier package, upselling becomes easier.

How do you go about upselling your premium offers?

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