Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve all had to make quick adjustments to our lifestyle. With mandatory quarantines and lockdowns, the concept of working from home became a reality for many organizations and employees alike. While this is not a new phenomenon, it was never a part of the business model for many companies. As such, the experience is still new for many which make it a little challenging to adjust to.

Working from home can be fun, simple, and rewarding if you have certain things in place. Many freelancers were already benefiting from the flexibility this provides and so can you.

Setting Up A Work/Office Station

The beauty about working from home is that you can literally work from anywhere in your home. If you live alone in a quiet and cozy apartment, you could work directly from your couch, balcony area or even your bedroom. However, if you are in a space where there is not much noise control, you might want to find the quietest spot in your home to set up your workstation. 

Working from a work/office station helps you get you in the frame of mind to do your daily work-related tasks. Find a quiet room in your home that’s well-lit, and transform it into a clutter-free space. You should be able to move around, complete your tasks and take office calls without interruption.

What if your bedroom happens to be your quietest spot? That’s totally fine. Just be sure to find a spot for your ergonomic desk and chair, where you can comfortably use your laptop and other relevant devices. If you have kids and other relatives in your household, you may consider using a “No Disturb” sign for your door. 

Some people might not have the luxury of a designated room for working. This means finding the best open area to set up your station. In this case, if you share this space with other members of your family, it is important to come to an understanding and agreement that allows you to work undisturbed. You may also want to invest in a reliable noise cancelling headset.

How To Manage Your Time While Working From Home

Time management is very important when working from home. Home is typically where you unwind and relax – after doing a few chores, of course. If you’re not careful, you can easily become distracted and carried away watching television or doing unrelated work tasks.

It is important to set your daily work hours. These should be realistic according to your workload and overall productivity. Find out the times you are most productive and stick to working within those hours. If you have stipulated hours from your company, ensure that all other home-related tasks are done before or after these stipulated hours. This helps to ensure maximum productivity. 

Whether you set your own work schedule or have a preset schedule, remember the importance of taking a break every now and then. If you work with a computer or other related devices with LCD screens, you’ll need to take a break to rest your eyes. One neat trick is switching focus from your screen to an object about 20 feet away for a few minutes every 20-30minutes. 

The Importance of Exercise

Like working at the office, it is important to take a break from your desk or workstation to relieve and exercise your muscles every now and then. While working from home, you can have set breaks for lunch separate from breaks to stretch your legs. Sitting for a long time, even with the right posture and the most ergonomic work chair, can put a strain on your back, knees, spinal cord and your neck. This can lead to serious pain.

Stretches and minor flexibility exercises can help to eliminate this risk. You can pace around your room, or take the brief exercise session into another room, or even outdoor. 

However often you choose, exercising while working from home can not only prevent posture-related discomforts and injuries but also help to keep your body in motion. After all, as we all know, a body in motion stays in motion.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ll now be able to figure out the spacing, technology and other kinks of working from home. Feel free to try out different solutions that will work for you as there is no one size fit all strategy for ensuring maximum productivity while working from home.

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